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What is the No-Lightning Guarantee?

No-Lightning Guarantee is MTO's statement that underlines the effectiveness and benefits of EvoDis Lightning Prevention System Marine Series on boats, sailboats, catamarans, yachts, and ketches. Our claim is that EvoDis System keeps lightning strikes away from the boats, and we seal this claim with this guarantee.

No company and no product give such a guarantee. How do you?

We manufacture a magnificent solution to prevent lightning strikes. With the laboratory tests and field tests, we have proven that EvoDis System cannot get hit by lightning within today's known voltage and current limits of lightning. Plus, EvoDis Lightning Prevention System has been used on over 6000 sites including telecommunication towers, radio&tv broadcast towers, tower cranes, high voltage power transmission lines, wind measurement towers, and of course boats. For the past 16+ years, none of these lightning-prone sites received a single lightning strike!

Why do you give such a guarantee?

We already deliver EvoDis System with a 10-Year Product Warranty which covers all possible defects in manufacturing and workmanship. We are so confident with our product that we want to take the risk off the boat-owners' shoulders and let them make the correct decision to avoid a potential loss due to lightning. 

What is the duration?

We apply this guarantee for 2 years/24 months.

Why 2 years?

We deliver EvoDis System to many countries all over the world which have different laws and regulations. 2 years could be the only common international legal duration.

What is the coverage?

We guarantee the money payback for the product in case of a direct lightning strike on the boat as declared in the Guarantee Statement.

Why not cover any loss of the boat owner due to lightning strikes?

That is insurance and it requires annual premium payments due to the insurance policy. Our intention is not to request any additional fees to benefit from this guarantee.

What is the cost of this guarantee?

No additional fees are demanded under any name such as maintenance, annual service cost, etc. EvoDis System does not require any maintenance. Once you install the product, you forget about the lightning threat on your boat.

Who can benefit from this guarantee?

Any boat owner who wants to protect his/her boat from lightning strikes with EvoDis Lightning Prevention System Marine Series has this privilege.

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