Lightning Protection for Boats, Sailboats and Yachts – No More Lightning Strikes on Boats

No more lightning strikes,

no more damage on boats,

no more equipment loss

Boats are extremely prone to lightning because the mast of the boat is highly conductive and it is usually the highest structure around. Even if the mast is made of a non-conductive material, salty sea water makes it extremely conductive.

During a storm, all positive charges on water climb up on the boat mast and emit towards the storm cloud. This process develops the lightning channel between the cloud and the mast, and lightning current flows down to the water through the mast, and damage all equipment on the mast and on the boat.

Lightning rod on boat mast

Lightning rods are invented more than 300 years ago to protect non-conductive buildings from lightning strikes. Conductive structures such as boat masts cannot be protected by lightning rods because the lightning rod attracts lightning strikes on itself and naturally to the mast.

Lightning current prefers to flow down through mast surface instead of a tiny conductor cable, and this results with damage on the boat and equipment on the mast.

Once again, lightning rods are invented to protect ordinary buildings, not conductive structures such as boats.

Lightning must be kept away from boats.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis® System Marine Series is the only lightning protection solution which dissipates the charges on the mast and makes the boats, sailboats and yachts “invisible” to lightning. This process keeps the surrounding electric field lower than the threshold level and avoids the development of the lightning channel between the cloud and mast.

Lightning acts as if the boat does not exist there and all equipment remain safe.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System protects more than 1300 sites all over the world with 100% success for the past 11+ years.

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Best way of lightning protection is to stay away from lightning.

EvoDis® keeps lightning away from your boat.